Container Liner Bag

Container liner bag is single bulk bag which is use for bulk transportation through ISO containers or cargo. Client can fill their raw products directly to bag. Advantage for using liner bag is it is easy to handle and reduce labor cost. Container can fill easily by raw products and can discharge by tilting container from its front open sprout. Here container liner transports the product up to 10 metric tons in 10 feet and 20 metric tons in 20 feet container liner bag. Using this liner bag is very cost effective for transporting the material if required forty numbers of bags here we require only on container liner bag.

Container liner has inlet and outlet sprout for filling and discharging materials. It is manufactured wit coated or uncoated fabric as per requirements. It has loops on the top of bag for handling the bag easily. Laminated bag is us to protect the agro or food product dry flow able material from moisture and dust. Unlaminated fabric is use when air ventilation is required. PE film fabric is 100 % moisture protected bag.

Size of Container Liner Bag

  • 10 Feet
  • 20 Feet
  • 30 Feet
  • 40 Feet

Protects material from contaminations and other agent

Bag protects your agro or food material from the contamination of air and harmful agents.

Cost effective reduce labor charge

It is very cost effective gets easily install and ready to use within 10 to 15 minutes

Easy to install fill and unloading

It is very easy to install and ready to filling and unloading from its front open sprout.

Eco friendly and recyclable

Our container liner is recyclable which does not leave any effects on environments.

Method of loading the liner

Filling methods are depends on products and available facilities also its depends the material which is flow able like sand, seeds or cement or any petrochemical products.

blower liner


Liner bag is available with blower pipes inserted has three mouth for filling the material here it get filled instantly. It let air out by another sprout on bag keeps material contamination free.

conveyor liner


In this liner bag a movable conveyor is available which feels the material by going inside the container liner bag. It has wide opening on the top of bag.

top loading liner

Top loading

It has opening sprout on the top of liner bag usually it also called as gravity filled bag. It has top opening suitable sprout to fill the material easily.

gravity filling liner

Gravity filling

In this liner bag material is filled through front sprout is known as gravity filling type here also material is drop on conveyor which directly get filled in container.